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California Oven

Piatto Rotante


  • Comparable to the traditional and authentic ovens of the past, the CALIFORNIA wood oven is a Neapolitan rotating oven, built with refractory materials, thanks to its careful design it allows quick cooking, like the classic and old oven of the past. The dome is self-supporting, made entirely by hand with refractory bricks. The rotating plate is characterized by a monobloc in refractory plates.
  • CALIFORNIA can be supplied with 2 openings: the oven door at the front and a side door to the furnace where wood is burned. This ensures that the rotating plate remains clean and burning wood is placed to the side of the rotating plate and not on it directly. Any ash is collected in the trays below the oven.
  • In a rotating oven pizza is cooked in the same was as a traditional wood oven, the only difference here is that the pizza chef or “pizzaiolo”, no longer needs to rotate the pizza during cooking. This means a decrease in work for your pizzaiolo but an increase in the number of pizzas being cooked.
  • Our rotating ovens can be moved quite easily all you need is a hand pallet truck.

Technical details

For more information, details on the dimensions and encumbrances of the ovens, gas systems, consumptions etc., consult the technical file by clicking on the link below. You can simply view it or even print it out.

Realizziamo forni con passione

Functionally, Italian Style & Personalisation.


Possiamo ricreare il tuo logo sul forno per renderlo unico e personale.


Potrai scegliere tra tanti rivestimenti e mosaici quello più adatto a te.

Soluzioni tecniche

Possiamo costruire il forno in funzione delle tue specifiche esigenze.


Forms of Power Supply.

All our ovens are designed for both gas and wood and combined operation (gas + wood). The choice is not limiting or definitive since all our ovens can be converted to gas or wood even at a later date, so they remain adaptable also in the future to new needs or new environments of use.

The wood-fired oven is the symbol of the Neapolitan tradition and the charm of the living flame captures the attention of customers. In a well-constructed wood-fired oven the fumes do not come into contact with the pizzas, the cooking takes place by conduction, radiation and convection.

To obtain the best performance of the flame it is preferable to use beech wood for ignition and oak wood to maintain the temperature

For rooms that cannot use wood, gas ovens have been designed. The gas ovens have the same structure as a wood-burning oven but the flame is fed by the presence in the cooking chamber of a gas-burning burner. The cooking is identical to that of a wood-burning oven and always takes place by conduction, radiation and convection. The gas supply is the most convenient, fastest and cleanest method, as well as having more space for cooking pizzas.

There are two types of burners: Atmospheric and Air-blown.

For more information about this, please refer to the technical data sheets of the products.

The two feeds are well separated so that the ash produced by the combustion of the wood does not damage the burner. The pizza chef is free to choose the method to be used at the moment. Many people use the gas to heat the cooking space and then proceed with the wood for cooking the pizza. This feature speeds up the preparation time of the oven.

Piano Girevole

Oven Rotating.

  • The technology of the rotary oven combined with the classic shapes of the Neapolitan/Naples oven creates a perfect combination of innovation and tradition. Beautiful and functional, the Neapolitan rotary oven is customizable with logos, lettering and various types of mosaics.
  • The rotary oven has revolutionized the profession of pizza chef because the baking is managed entirely by the oven, which thanks to the rotation of the top distributes heat evenly and ensures a greater capacity of bake as well as shorter waiting times.
  • The Mp rotary kiln with a low vaulted artisan dome maintains the same techniques as the traditional old-school Neapolitan oven.
  • The control panel, simple to use, will allow you to adjust the rotation speed to your needs and, in the gas oven, will allow you to set the temperature. The cooking surface of the rotary ovens will always be hot and will allow you to cook hundreds of pizzas without having to wait.
  • The rotating plate is presented in a one-piece of 12 cm composed of three layers of different materials, refractory and thermal insulation, the cooktop is made of refractory plates 40×40 cm and with heat resistance up to 1200 ° C.

The Dome.

The construction of the dome is self-supporting, so it does not require any support, its vaulted shape, reproduces the old style of the old Neapolitan ovens, so designed to achieve a better distribution of heat over the entire surface of the cooktop. The refractory bricks cut into wedges one by one to give shape at a time also have the advantage of reducing to a minimum thickness the joints between brick and brick and are assembled with aluminized refractory mortar.


Cooking Surface.

The cooktop or stalls of the oven is the base where the pizza is directly cooked.
Our ovens are built with a refractory cooktop with a high concentration of alumina, with a thermal resistance of up to 1200°C.

The refractory materials being generally produced by mechanical pressing have a low porosity, greater thermal conductivity and durability over time together with a high energy saving of gas and wood.

Only on request we install the famous Sorrento Biscuit: handmade and composed of clay rich in volcanic silicon.



All our ovens have been prepared and reinforced to be transported or handled by hand pallet truck or forklift truck.

Easily TRANSPORTABLE to facilitate any changes of location avoiding breakage or injury.

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