Innovation and sustainability

Innovation and sustainability

The simple and functional oven

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Electric oven 

“Il Diamante italiano” 


Innovation and sustainability


  • An electric dome oven with the same capacity as
    a traditional Neapolitan oven, ideal for cooking
    authentic Neapolitan pizza, designed to reach
    temperatures up to 540 °C .

    Its particular shape allows angular positioning.

    Approved and tested by the AVPN Associazione
    Verace Pizza Napoletana. 

    * Customizable colors. 


    – Wifi controller 


Dettagli Tecnici

For more information, details on the dimensions and encumbrances of the ovens, gas systems, consumptions etc., consult the technical file by clicking on the link below. You can simply view it or even print it out.

We make ovens with passion

Functionally, Italian Style & Personalisation .



Cooking chamber completely in refractory.

The resistances of the 16mm visible dome allow the distribution of heat by radiation like the traditional woodburning oven, with consequent uniform distribution over the entire work surface. 

The oven is equipped with a 7-inch Touch control panel 65k and a
customizable menu with up to 100 recipes. 

Separate management of the top and floor as a


  • Max temperature 540°C 
  • MAX POWER : 15 KW – Three Phases 
  • Hob: Sorrento biscuit 3 cm thick 
  • Cooking chamber height: 16 cm 
  • Visible Armored Resistances 
  • Top And Sides: Refractory tiles 
  • 1 probe regulation. 
  • End of cooking insulated door to keep the heat inside the oven 
  • Support base: diamond point in painted steel with self-leveling wheels 
  • No. of pizzas: 6 /7 pizzas Ø 33 

Vertical oven movement.

It is possible to move the oven by rotating it vertically so that it can pass through 75/90×195 cm cm doors. 


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