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Special food truck oven

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Classic Oven

Special food truck


  • The oven for your pizza van.
  • Our model of oven for food trucks has the same characteristics as a traditional dome oven, as it has a low vault built entirely by hand brick by brick and is installed by specialized companies on vehicles, food trucks, ape cars.
    The oven door is equipped with special locking hinges to prevent it from falling during movement.
  • Mp ovens are suitable for cooking Neapolitan pizza, which cooks in 1 minute.


Technical details

For more information, details on the dimensions and encumbrances of the ovens, gas systems, consumptions etc., consult the technical file by clicking on the link below. You can simply view it or even print it out.

We make ovens with passion

Functionally, Italian Style & Personalisation.


We can recreate your logo onto the oven to make it unique and personal.


You can choose from a wide range of wall coatings and mosaics to suit your needs.

Technical solutions

We can build the oven according to your specific needs.

Power Supply

Forms of Power Supply.

All our ovens are designed for both gas and wood and combined operation (gas + wood). The choice is not limiting or definitive since all our ovens can be converted to gas or wood even at a later date, so they remain adaptable also in the future to new needs or new environments of use.

The wood-fired oven is the symbol of the Neapolitan tradition and the charm of the living flame captures the attention of customers. In a well-constructed wood-fired oven the fumes do not come into contact with the pizzas, the cooking takes place by conduction, radiation and convection.

To obtain the best performance of the flame it is preferable to use beech wood for ignition and oak wood to maintain the temperature.

For rooms that cannot use wood, gas ovens have been designed. The gas ovens have the same structure as a wood-burning oven but the flame is fed by the presence in the cooking chamber of a gas-burning burner. The cooking is identical to that of a wood-burning oven and always takes place by conduction, radiation and convection. The gas supply is the most convenient, fastest and cleanest method, as well as having more space for cooking pizzas.

There are two types of burners: Atmospheric and Air-blown.

For more information about this, please refer to the technical data sheets of the products.

The two feeds are well separated so that the ash produced by the combustion of the wood does not damage the burner. The pizza chef is free to choose the method to be used at the moment. Many people use the gas to heat the cooking space and then proceed with the wood for cooking the pizza. This feature speeds up the preparation time of the oven.


The Dome.

It has good heat and thermal shock resistance which means there will be no cracking or deformation, thus retaining its original characteristics. For mobile ovens the dome is reinforced and supported by an electro-welded steel net at the base of the oven.


Cooking Surface.

The cooktop or stalls of the oven is the base where the pizza is directly cooked.
Our ovens are built with a refractory cooktop with a high concentration of alumina, with a thermal resistance of up to 1200°C.

The refractory materials being generally produced by mechanical pressing have a low porosity, greater thermal conductivity and durability over time together with a high energy saving of gas and wood.

Only on request we install the famous Sorrento Biscuit: handmade and composed of clay rich in volcanic silicon.



All our ovens have been prepared and reinforced to be transported or handled by hand pallet truck or forklift truck.

Easily TRANSPORTABLE to facilitate any changes of location avoiding breakage or injury.

Vehicle oven


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