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Ovens for vehicles

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Oven for Vehicles

Special Ovens

The commercial success of a local.
The scenic setting as well as capturing the attention of customers can become a real advertising and promotional tool effective. Our special ovens, designed for interior design and street food, are installed on vintage vehicles such as:

  • Fiat 500
  • Ape Piaggio
  • The vehicle furnace differs from the standard furnace in that it is lighter, but is still built with low vault refractory materials, consisting of a high percentage of alumina, as are the mortar and binders.
  • Alumina is a mineral with great hardness and high melting point, used for the preparation of refractories and is able to withstand very high temperatures and considerable temperature changes without deforming or cracking.
  • A refractory brick with a high percentage of alumina has high thermal resistance, to shocks, to thermal changes, with consequent energy saving. The dome of the mobile ovens is reinforced and supported by an electro-welded mesh, fixed to the base of the oven, which makes it possible to move the oven with the hot cooking chamber, without having to worry about causing damage.
We make ovens with passion

Functionally, Italian Style & Personalisation.


All our vehicles can be customized on request.


All our vehicles are supplied without roof/coverage.


Being vintage vehicles are not suitable for long distances


Thirty-year-old vintage vehicles are easily exported abroad.

Special oven

Fiat 500.

The icon of the true Italian style is the Fiat 500, prepared as the base of the oven to furnish your pizzeria.

The doors can be opened and used as a trapdoor for wood or storage.

The vehicle is obviously not running (without engine) and is equipped with a wood / gas oven with a low Neapolitan vault, internal diameter 120×120 cm and external size 156×156 cm.

Customizations and colors on request of the customer.

Possibility of installing the oven on other vehicles.

Special oven

Ape Piaggio

The most requested and most used means of street food both in Italy and abroad is the Ape Piaggio, a real myth in time and a symbol of Made in Italy.

The vehicles we use are vintage 70s / 80s’ model 601, with a load capacity of up to 750 kg characteristic that allows us to prepare them with a real Neapolitan oven with low vaulted refractory bricks with the same cooking capacity of a pizza oven, but with small size.

The oven has an internal diameter of 90×90 cm, external dimensions of 136×136 cm, capacity for 4 pizzas, weight 550 kg.

The equipment includes a pizza drying table, refrigerated display case, a sink.

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