Special Ovens

Citroen Hy Long Wheel

Citroen Hy Long Wheel

The Citroën Hy Long Wheel base, a very rare vintage French vehicle from the 1960s, was designed and built for “La Rustica” Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

Each stage of the installation was followed directly by the customer.
The Citroën has been transformed into a real mobile pizzeria, in fact inside there is a low vaulted Neapolitan oven made by hand as per tradition, prepared to be used with wood and gas, a refrigerated pizza counter with marble top and display case for ingredients, a freezer, a sink with tanks for loading and unloading, an air conditioner and delivery counter disappearing.

The colors and lighting have been freely chosen by the customer.

Project Details
Vehicle Citroen Hy Long Wheel
Year 1969
Duration 6 months
Oven Elegant
Type Static.