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    The old school Neapolitan oven is characterized by a Low Vault built by hand brick on brick, which in addition to reproducing the old style of the old Neapolitan ovens, has a better distribution of heat over the entire surface of the cooktop, leading to energy savings.
    Our ovens are built with a refractory cooktop with a high concentration of alumina, characterized by high thermal conductivity, high resistance to sudden changes in temperature, to shocks and continuous rubbing with the paddle and greater durability over time.

    The Sorrento Biscuit, being very porous, releases heat uniformly and absorbs the moisture of the dough, but the excessive porosity makes it fragile and subject to frequent maintenance and replacement of the slab.

    If the oven is used daily, the time needed to heat it is 40 minutes, because the refractory material still retains the residual heat of the previous activation. On the contrary, if the oven is not used much so very cold and especially wet, it takes several hours over low heat to dry it and heat it adequately. If the chimney is not installed correctly (too much / or too little ventilation) it could cause problems of resistance or efficiency due to improper combustion or heat dispersion. 
    A newly built oven is loaded with moisture that must be gradually eliminated: the water, vaporizing, increases up to 30 times its volume, and the steam is able to exercise a tremendous mechanical effect. If the oven is heated too quickly, there is a risk of irreparable fractures. The first ignitions will only be used to dry the oven, trying not to exceed the temperature over 100 ° C for the first 5 days. Water may leak during the first ignitions, which is normal. You will find the First Ignition instructions in the use and maintenance manual supplied together with the oven. As an indication, after about 4/5 days from the start of the First Ignition it will be possible to proceed with the first cooking tests. 
    Traditionally, the wood oven is ready when the vault “bleaches”, meaning when the inside of the oven turns from black to light grey. This is because soot burns when the temperature reaches around 300 °C. It follows that the colour of the oven is an excellent indicator of its temperature, without having to use a thermometer. In this way, when the vault and walls of the wood oven turn white, it is better to wait about half an hour so that the wood oven regulates and the temperature becomes well homogeneous throughout the oven. At this stage it is no longer necessary to feed the fire, the remaining coals are more than enough to keep the temperature high until the oven is ready.
    SYes, a gas oven can also be used with wood, ensuring that the gas system with ashes.
    The oven can work with the type of gas you have available, but it is important to notify when ordering so that the system can be prepared for proper use.
    Yes, the gas oven requires a chimney for the elimination of carbon dioxide. The gas ovens are certified to be installed also under a fume hood.
    Yes, it can be transported with a standard hot cooking chamber because it is lighter, but nevertheless made with refractory materials with low vaults, able to withstand very high temperatures and considerable thermal and mechanical changes without deforming or cracking. The dome of the mobile ovens is reinforced and supported by an electro-welded mesh, fixed to the base of the oven, which makes it possible to move the oven with the hot cooking chamber, without having to worry about causing damage.
    The MP Neapolitan rotary oven with a low vaulted dome maintains the same construction techniques as the traditional old-school Neapolitan oven. The turntable is a mono-block of 40×40 cm refractory plates, with a thermal resistance up to 1200 °C and a thickness of 12 cm composed of three layers of insulating materials.
    Delivery time is 20 working days. For various sizes and customizations the delivery times may vary.
    Yes. We take care of shipping abroad through our International Freight Forwarders.
    The oven is delivered packed with a wooden crate and not placed on its support, this prevents damage during transport. At the time of delivery, the oven needs a forklift or crane to be placed on the stand.
    No. Our ovens are shipped already assembled, the installation can be handled directly by the customer. When placing your order, make sure that the entrance to the premises allows the oven to pass through.
    All traditional static ovens can be used outdoors but must be protected from the atmospheric impact. The positioning of the rotary ovens outdoors is not recommended.